MagiCare MC-TUAP Tabletop UV Air Purifier


360° Circulate Purification
The surrounding air intake design can deliver quickly clean air to cover the house and purify various pollution
3-in-1 Filter
Pre-Filter, H12 HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter
UVC Sterilization
93.99% sterilization rate, mercury-free and ozone-free
Negative Ions
12 Million negative ions can refresh your room air sooner
2/4/6/8 hours timer setting as to save energy
Four-Speed Wind
Low, Mid, High and Sleep Mode


UVC LED Ultraviolet Sterilization Technology
Within a few seconds, the DNA and RNA of bacteria and other microorganisms can be destroyed, making them lose their ability to reproduce and survive.
Sleep Mode & Night Light
MagiCare’s noise level range from 40dB (sleep mode) to 60dB (high-speed mode). This is about as quiet as a fallen leave. Sleep mode with low noise doesn’t cost of your comfort and disturb your peace of mind.


Size φ7.4 x 7.7 inches
Weight 2.6 lb
Voltage DC12V
Power 8W
CADR 58yd³/h
Cyclic Wind Volume 340m³/h
Coverage 43-86 ft²
Control Screen Touch
Color Customizable
Sleep Noise 40dB
Filter Pre Filter+H12 HEPA Filter+Photocatalyst Filter