MagiCare MC-CAP Car Air Purifier


Photocatalys Filter
The photocatalyst combined with the LED can react to decompose the bacteria into water and carbon dioxide, and the sterilization rate reaches 90.99%
HEPA Filter
Effectively trap 90.97% of pollutants such as dust, smoke, hair, pet skin dandruff, bacteria, viruses and other particles/allergens as small as 0.3 microns
Efficient Purification
Rapid cycle in 10 minutes, the air in the car is completely new
The Pre-Filter can effectively filter out particulate matter, dust, hair and other pollutants
Powerful Turbine
Turbo pressurization to increase wind speed


Breathe Fresh Air
The 3600 air inlet and outlet system combined with the filter can tackles particles and odor in the surrounding air efficiency, capturing and neutralizing any pollutants like formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, bacteria&virus, pm2.5, dander&hair, irritating odors, etc. And the purification can be achieved within 60 seconds.
One-Touch Operation
Button Control with smart touch screen makes your travel more easier. You just need to click the only button then start purify. Occupies cup-holder sized and can be use for area of 54-107 ft².
Quiet for Journey
Low noise and works quietly. MagiCare’s noise level average at 35dB which is half of traditional air purification systems. This is about as quiet as a fallen leaves. You can drive or sleep without disturbing.
High Quality Exquisite Design
MC-CAP uses frosted aluminum alloy material, which has such features as high temperatures, resistance, fall resistant, corrosion resistance. Led touch screen with one-click button and blue atmosphere lamp makes it more simple and elegant.

Model MC-CAP
Size φ2.8 x 7.3 inches
Weight 0.62 lb
Voltage DC5V
Power 3W
Coverage 32 ft²
Color Customizable
Control Screen Touch
Filter Pre Filter+H11 HEPA Filter+Photocatalyst Filter